Maya is a graduate of William Mitchell College of Law. She received her undergrad degree in Psychology and French from Tufts University. Before becoming a lawyer, Maya was a French teacher and property manager; she and her husband have two children.

Maya chose to practice elder law for several reasons:

  1. Growing up, Maya spent a lot of time with her grandparents and her parents’ friends. She was taught a strong regard for her elders, but also saw them as human beings and friends.
  2. As she ages, Maya has witnessed various incidents of prejudice for those whose culture or capacity are not mirror-images of another’s. This has fueled her desire to help others be seen and treated as they deserve to be.
  3. Every culture can agree their elders deserve care and respect, so that is what the Twin Cities should provide for EVERY elder, regardless of background, language or circumstance.

Maya is committed to respecting her clients’ needs and wishes as well as providing them with conscientious, helpful legal advice and additional practical resources when appropriate.


Medical Assistance/Medicare and Medicaid


Health Care Directives

Powers of Attorney

Wills and Trusts

Assisted Living Planning